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Hi Friends, I chose a great place for you to put on your food bucket list. Visit this one absolutely adorable and check on Aquarium Restaurant in Nashville, TN pictures!

Aquarium Restaurant in Nashville, TN pictures. Interior

This seafood restaurant in an Opry Mills Shopping Center is not only a restaurant but a kind of sightseeing. It greets you with a tank with cute fishes. That one is small compared to a tank that you find inside.

The enormous 200,000 gallons tank filled with tropical fishes, and they are not your ordinary ones from a pet store, and not even all aquariums carry them, but they are really amazing examples of sharks, pufferfishes, stingrays, even morena was hiding there in a hole, the more you look, the more you find. It amazed my kids. They were observing how the habitats eat, swim, hide, and chase each other. It was a great activity to occupy them while waiting for food.

It is pretty dark in the restaurant. The light is bluish, which makes you feel you are dining on the bottom of a sea. And they have pleasant music playing in the background. Although I must confess with the noise level between music and kids screaming with excitement, it was pretty loud there.

We came for supper, and the restaurant was full. I think wonderful food combined with an extraordinary interior makes this place very popular.

Aquarium Restaurant in Nashville, TN pictures. Service

We were seated in a comfortable half-circle-shaped booth and studied the menu. If it is a seafood restaurant (which it is), Kevin and I aim for seafood; kids get whatever they are craving for.

Our server was a very nice and friendly guy. He gave us some recommendations on the most popular item on the menu, which we followed and ordered.

While taking our order, he educated us on fishes in the tank. Kids were interested in the yellow fish that appeared to be a Dog Face Puffer Fish. Now we have to get one… We literally could ask anything about any fish in the tank. He was very knowledgeable. He could tell where they live, how big they grow, what they eat and etc. Impressive!

This guy did his job very well. He advised us to get a Landry’s card, which is free and would save us 25 dollars on next visit, it also helped us to get seated faster in (Joe’s Crab Shack) another restaurant of the chain.

Food. Aquarium Restaurant in Nashville, TN pictures

I got Sauteed Gulf Snapper, Kevin got Tilapia New Orleans. Kids got 2 Surfers Mac and Cheese and Skipper’s Shrimp as you can see, kids’ meals come with two sides. Michael picked fruits, and my daughter picked mashed potatoes and fruit and picked tilapia with fruits for the youngest one. Maria almost always gets macaroni and cheese at restaurants. She is a big macaroni and cheese expert, and these were not her favorite; she said they were too cheesy, but my youngest eat them all.

Our meals were pretty good, and portions were significant. We didn’t plan to take leftovers home, and I must confess two entrees and three kids’ meals were too much for our family of five. So I would get a salad instead of one entrée, share it with Kevin, and get only two kids’ meals. One kid’s meal was perfect for a ten-year-old boy and younger kids could easily share.

For dessert, kids got Sharkey Freeze in a character cup. There is a little toy at the bottom of the cup, and the kids were doubly pleased. Next, Kevin and I got chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. That would be my husband’s favorite dessert, super sweet, chocolaty with ice cream on the top.

Cleanliness. Aquarium Restaurant in Nashville, TN pictures.

Cleanliness is one of the key requirements for me when I dine in. If the restaurant is not clean, I would not recommend it and would not come back. The restrooms were clean, which is a good sign.


All that experience cost us about 110 dollars, including tips.

We left full and happy. I would come back for food and hear more facts about those marine creatures. They also have mermaid shows and educational tours that sound appealing.

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