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Hi, I am Larissa and I am so happy to see you stopped by!

Our mission at Family Fun for Five is to create unforgettable experiences for families in high-end destinations. We strive to provide top-notch accommodations, delicious dining options, and exciting activities that will bring joy and laughter to every member of the family. Join us as we embark on adventures that will create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds that hold us together. Welcome to the ultimate family fun experience!

We traveled all over US and beyond visited 10 countries, spending about 100 days a year on trips.

Who are Those Five?

Meet Larissa!

Luxury family travel

I am an author of this blog and a big fan of luxury vacations with gourmet food, shopping, SPAs and splendid performances. I value comfort. If it was me I would blog only about these things but we do much more than just eat, relax and get pampered, we make sure every member of our family gets his/hers interests covered so we stay at a high end resort, eat at a fancy restaurant aaaaand do lots of family friendly activities together. All members of our crew are pretty athletic with their own area of interests, so we make sure we get our steps done and curiosity satisfied every day.

I have a story for you, when I was a little girl, I had a dream. I imagined, having three kids (a boy, a girl and a boy), and playing with them the whole day long and we would travel all over the world together. At 30 the dream begin to unveil and I had 3 kids, a boy, a girl and a boy. I became a Director of a Preschool which allowed me to be with my children the whole time and nurture my entrepreneurship thirst. When I was, about 35 years old, I realized that out of all things I like traveling and being my own boss the most. That’s how this blog was born. I have all three dreams coming true through this creation and love every aspect of it. My only desire for you is to enjoy it as much as I do. We travel a lot and try a lot but I feature only the best places so that you could have only good experience and when you go there, it would feel like you’ve been there and would know what to do.

My ultimate mission is spreading Love all over the world so I express it through this blog by serving my readers with a trustworthy information that answers their questions.

If you have any requests on what you would like me to focus more, feel free to make a comment bellow.

Here is Kevin!

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He is big on sport, and outdoor activities, and would make sure there is a swimming pool or a few, a ski resort, snorkeling, diving or any other physical activity within an arm reach.


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Is our oldest son, fearless and full of energy. He requires about 4 hours of sport practices a day (!). Very, VERY smart and curious and gets bored easily, so we make sure he stays close to dad and follows his steps… Beach volleyball, swimming, football, archery, golfing, tennis, snowboarding, wakeboarding, water skiing, Rollercoasters… He would do anything but sitting still.


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A kindhearted beauty. She loves nature and all animals and is a big fan of horse riding and farming. Loves zoos, parks, and most of all, animal encounters. If there is any in town we will go there. I featured a Kentucky Horse Park, where Derby Horses that were making millions of dollars retire, and that was one of her favorite places to visit.


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Loves hands-on activities. Can play on a beach for hours. Recently, he created love to Children’s Museums and behaves the best at a places with interactive stations. Loves asking questions. We make sure they are all answered.

So as you can see, we cover pretty wide broad of activities for different ages and genders, if it appeals to you, stick around we have tons to share.

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