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Hi, I am Larissa and I am so happy to see you stopped by! We help families to discover unforgettable luxury resorts and unique family experiences to make lasting memories. I believe you can find many choices for memorable vacations on this luxury family travel and lifestyle blog.

Who are Those Five?


He is the strong and laid-back leader of our family. Kevin loves outdoor activities that require muscle work and perseverance as an explorer by nature. Hiking, bike riding, boogie-boarding, and swimming would be his favorite type of leisure.


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Is our oldest son, who is fearless, adventurous, passionate, and loves action and risk. Skiing, waterskiing, rafting, and rock climbing are a perfect match for his wild nature. He is full of energy and is a great partner for dad in his marathon-like activities.


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A kindhearted, curious beauty. She loves nature and all animals and is a big fan of horse riding and farming. Loves zoos, parks, and most of all animal encounters.


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Loves hands-on activities. Can play on a beach for hours.


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I am an author of this blog and a big fan of luxury vacations with gourmet food and splendid performances.

I am a stay home mom who runs a preschool (part-time), works at a hotel (part-time), and runs this luxury travel and lifestyle blog (part-time). Sometimes people ask me how I can do so much and still stay connected with my kids my answer is I choose my jobs to support the stay-at-home mom lifestyle. All my kids went to my preschool and I was there for and with them till they went to school full time. I work at a hotel one day a week on a weekend. It gives me benefits, extra buck, and adult interaction, plus I learn a lot about the tourism industry so it is technically a school where I learn and get paid. Not too bad. And we all love exploring new places so running this blog is a perfect fit.

A few words about my background and myself.

I successfully graduated from the International University of Business in Almaty (Central Asia) and got a Bachelor’s Degree in International Economic Relationships. Worked as an accountant, chef, and financial liaison at different companies. Yes. I love numbers and cooking.

Once I became a mom, I saw my biggest role in caring for myself, my family, and my home so I’ve been enjoying this task for over a decade and can’t express how much my soul is rich with affection, joy, tears, pride, sadness, and success. It can happen within an hour. Drives me nuts and that’s amazing. I enjoy my life!

And now we are on a new stage of our story – traveling. We traveled a lot before but since kids got older and appreciate unique experiences; we went full speed and take them to as many places as we can afford time/money-wise.

We have three big luxury vacations a year and go on long weekend trips every month.

When we travel, we try to include the interests of all parties so we usually find a luxury place to stay, an outstanding restaurant or two to eat at, and explore a wide variety of family-friendly activities.

Stick around to discover ideas for your next trip.