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Legoland Hotel

OK! We just got back from a family vacation to Legoland!

It was terrific, and I have some remarkable findings for you:)

It was our first time staying at the Legoland Hotel, and I loved it the first time. They are the most special, and I usually judge and compare all the following experiences with the first one.

Glorious news! We had a great first experience today!

The first thing that was just great was the location; the hotel is right behind the gate of the Park. So it was nice that we could leave our car in the parking lot and walk back and forth from the hotel to the Park.

The interior made my kids scream with excitement. They have a pretty spacious lobby, all decorated with Lego characters, statutes, and a little play area that was very helpful with occupying kids while we checked in.

The room was cute and all in bright colors. Kids loved their bed, and a complimentary Lego set that they had to find by opening a toy safe box. By the way, you get those sets every day!

That also was helpful. While we were settling up, kids were playing with Legos.

We stayed for two nights and three days.

The first night was the night of exploration. And we explored their restaurant. OMG! It was bright and colorful, the same as the room. The server was super friendly and helpful. It took a while to get our food, but it was worth it.

They offered two options of a family-style supper, and we picked the one called SeaDog Skillet. It came with a lot of food. We had a little fridge in the room, so we saved some leftovers for the next day.

After the great supper, kids played at the hallway playground, and we went to the room to get ready for a full day of fun tomorrow.

I like to stay at the resorts with complimentary breakfasts. It helps to start the day with the right note, especially with such a great breakfast as we had that morning. Yum!

It was especially nice that they care if you have allergies. Since I had some, the chef herself assured me that everything we ordered doesn’t contain any ingredients that I am allergic to. Nice! Plus to the service!

Just look at this breakfast! What a great beginning of the day! Now we are ready for fun!

Legoland Water Park

We picked the hottest day to visit Water Park. It was a wise decision. We spent most of the day in cool water without masks since they are not required at pools.

While the Park is small, they have everything to keep you occupied for five hours, an enormous water playground, slides, wave pool, lazy river, and splash area. Older kids were doing rides with daddy, while the younger ones spent the whole time at the splash area with mom.

There is one place to eat that offers some fast food. My kids were happy; I would prefer hotel food:). We had lunch here how it looks.

The water park is at the very end of the Park, so after the water park got closed, we returned to Legoland and had fun for two more hours.

We had another fantastic breakfast with quick service and great food. This one for sure fueled us up for several hours, and we were having fun, fun, fun!

Legoland Park

Try this ride. It’s so fun to see total strangers becoming rivalries. It seems like some guests like to take the ride, and some others want to shoot from the land. It was fun! My kids took it about three times and mastered shooting skills. By the end of the third ride, people would just run away from their boat:).

I liked that the Park is big enough to keep you occupied the entire weekend, but it was not too big so you can do it all within two days.

We were lucky; the crowd was not too bad, and the lines were short, so we took all the rides and then retook our favorite ones.

That was an excellent strategy.

Legoland uses virtual lines, which is very helpful for keeping crowds low and helps manage time the best way for you.

Most of the food places in the Park are fast food; some offer salads. So yeah, we ate a lot of French fries that day. One restaurant with an Italian buffet but was closed because of COVID. I was happy that we had hotel restaurants as an option. It has a lunch and dinner menu and unique desserts.

I didn’t want to eat anywhere but at the hotel restaurant, and it was a brilliant decision. Since the Park is so close, we just hoped off and returned to the hotel for these sizeable portions of tasty, healthy salads and unhealthy desserts. Just look at it. Isn’t it tempting?

I will tell you a secret. It was so good that we ordered another one for supper.

I could not take a picture of it because it was gone before I got my camera:). It’s a must-try. One dessert would feed two adults and two kids under nine years old, and of course, they will want more, not because it was small but because it is so good.

So after lunch, we went back to the Park and explored a kids’ area. Legoland is perfect for two-year-old kids. Lots of rides that they can take by themselves or with an adult.

If it is too hot, visit their indoor playground called “Playschool.” It is an excellent and peaceful place for parents to chill out while their toddlers scoot around on mats and small slides. There is one tall slide, though, so even my nine-year-old had something to do.

Guess where we had supper? Of course at the hotel restaurant! The menu was the same, but with a few dinner options. I got pasta with white sauce and shrimps, and my husband got Curry Chicken; kids got the same thing they had for lunch. And we got the same dessert;).

The supper was delicious, and it was time for us to move on to our next adventure. So we took off!

Have you ever been to Legoland Park and Hotel?

What was your favorite thing to do/try?

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